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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Part of Me


Well, I've done it again, looks like I wrote some lyrics and made up some music behind it.

It seems like everyone is leaving to go to their respective colleges now, and I didn't realize until very recently how it's effecting (affecting? whatever) my life. So one day I sat down and thought about it, how I got so close to these people just in time to say goodbye again as they all leave for school.

Anyway, from that depressing little brood, I emerged with some brand spankin' new lyrics and a chord progression which have now evolved into a full-fledged song, and I rather like this one. However, I have put a hold on Xenophobia for the time being in the midst of school and goodbyes and this new thingy here, but no worries, production will commence once again ASAP.

Now I had trouble naming the song, and eventually I just plucked a lyric from it and slapped it on as a title, so that particular piece may be subject to change if I find I'm not happy with it.

I'd also like to say that this song is dedicated to all my friends that I've made these past 4 years, and then some, but most specifically (and this is the only time I'll ever use real names): Michelle, Helker, the Parsons, Rosie, Tony, Coffey, Brendan, Jeff, Cait, Frannie, and the one and only Amanda Dinh. You guys mean the freaking world to me and I wouldn't trade your friendship for anything.

Now without further ado, here's the song:

Part Of Me

I've been losing myself
Piece by piece these past few weeks,
I don't know if I
Will ever be the same

Because I've been rushing
Forward towards a change,
When all I really want
Is to stay where I am

And you're all a part of me,
You made me who I am,
I don't know how it's going to be,
Walking without you (and),

I've grown accustomed to
All these faces, all these places,
And I don't want to
Leave them behind,
As this circle is
Slowly spinning, slowly shrinking,
I don't want to be
The only one left to cry

Verse 2
I've been losing myself
Piece by piece these past four years,
All I had to do was
Blink and it was gone

And I don't know what to do
With myself without
All of you
Right here by my side


And I've grown closer to you
Than anyone else
Just in time to say goodbye,
Just in time to say goodbye,
And you mean more to me
Than anyone else and
We'll never say goodbye,
We'll never say goodbye

Pre-Chorus 2
And you're still a part of me,
You keep me who I am,
I know I'm never going to be
Walking without you (and),

Chorus 2
I've grown accustomed to
All these faces, all these places,
And I will never
Leave them behind,
As this circle is
Always spinning, always strengthening,
I know i won't be
The one left behind...


Thanks for the best four years of my life guys, let's hope Thanksgiving break comes sooner rather than later.

Till Next Time,

P.S.- I may have forgot a few names up there, and I apologize if I forgot anybody. It's hard to think of all my friend's names off the top of my head, but just know you all mean just as much to me as all the rest.