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Thursday, September 25, 2008

More New?

Yeah, so basically AP Music is still hard, and i'm still thinking more at night then at any other time of the day. I'm here to let you in on a few more new things i've had in my head, one of them is going to either be a chorus or a bridge to a new song, tentatively titled ""Friends"" (quotations are part of the song name, hence the double there). Anyway it goes like this:

We grew older
As the wind grew colder,
And we just grew further apart,
The world kept on turning
The sun kept on burning,
I think we were doomed from the start

Yeah not sure where it will be in the finished thing...

New thing #2 is just a line i might write a song around, which is how most of my lyrics start development, with a single, what i think is clever, line and then they flesh out. Any way this one has no title and simply is just this:

I can't trust myself any further than i can carry a tune.

Once again not sure where it will be or if it will be used at all...most likely will be a lead into a chorus of somekind...only time will tell i suppose.

Ok the third and final new little thing i thought of comes from a conversation i just had just about 30 minutes ago (it's around 1:32 AM now) and it goes like this:

I really shouldn't be up this late
I should really be in bed,
I should really have done my work
But i'd rather talk to you instead.

I'm thinking part of a verse for this one...maybe even part of ""Friends."" Once again i'm not sure...whatever i finish first you will undoubtedly see up here eventually, so stay tuned.

-Stash Out

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Still Think Way Too Much At Night...

For the last few years i was convinced. Music is what i wanted to do, what i wanted to go to college to study, what i wanted to pursue a career in. Now...i'm not so sure. I don't know why, but all of a sudden it just seems to be going right over my head. I listen to pieces of music and realize i could probably never even start to write anything as layered or complex as even the simplest song.

I started taking an AP Music course this year, and it's the only class i'm concerned about. Music always seemed to come easy to me, then again, i've been playing percussion for the last 8 years of my life, which isn't exactly the most complex music to read. But now, learning the theory and why certain things sound the way they do...it's just overwhelming. I thought it was going to be a relatively difficult class, but it's just ridiculous. It seems as if everything we're learning is just going straight through my head without sticking to anything. I get a vague idea of where something goes and why it does, but i can't specify certain things.

It's times like these i wish i had taken up a second instrument a long time ago. Maybe then some of this stuff would make more sense. I have no idea if this post even made any sense but i needed to vent about this and noone is online at 4:45 in the morning, so this is going to have to do for now.

Till Next Time,
(this post seemed a bit too serious to put my usual sign out here)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh Yeah...

One more thing, i do have an original song all but finished. The lyrics are done, and the music is almost there, there's just a little part before the Chorus i need to figure out, but after that its complete, and i thought i would treat you all to sneak peek. Now, this song is almost a year in the making (come January) and i'm glad i finally have it just about done.

Just so you know the title isn't definite...I might call it "Me" or "Prince Charming (I Promise)"
Both will make sense when you read the lyrics, let me know what you think in the comments if you want.

Verse 1
I can promise you everything,
The earth, the stars, and the moon,
But we know that's not happening,
Atleast not anytime real soon,
I could promise that i'd be,
The perfect one for you,
I can't promise you anything,
And not be lying too

I can't promise you anything,
I can't promise you Prince Charming,
I can't promise you anything,
That would sound too promising,
But i'll try real hard,
Right from the start,
To be the one you want,
And the one you ask for,
I can't promise much,
But i can promise...

Verse 2
I can promise i'll be there,
Or atleast some of the time,
I know i'll begin to wear,
On your patience and your mind,
But if you just stick it out,
And stay on for the ride,
If you give me once more chance,
I'll promise one more rhyme


I wrote this song for you,
To show through and through,
I am deeply flawed,
Like everyone else,
I know i'm not
The perfect guy,
But i can get pretty close,
If i try

That's it, i know it is a bit corny, but i like it, it's honest and that's all i care about

Look for it on the Purevolume/Myspace soon...

-Stash Out

I'm Not Sure...

What to do about all these new bands coming out these days. Two years ago, i would've loved them all, seeing as they all carry the similar "pop-punk" sound. But the thing i can't decide is this, are they good...or just catchy?

I remember in 8th grade, i was listening to Fall Out Boy (yes they did exist pre-Sugar We're Going Down) and i thought it was the best band ever. Well, next to blink-182, who remain my favorite to this day...But, Take This To Your Grave was an amazing album, but when i listen to it now, i just shake my head and wonder just what happened to such an amazing band.

So pop-punk, is it even justifiable anymore? Is there any talent or creativity left in it? Will it ever go back to the old ways? Well, New Found Glory has kept my hopes up, along with (+44), Say Anything and, surprisingly, Panic at the Disco. Let's hope these heroes can save the genre before its swallowed into nothingness and is forgotten...

That's all for now,
-Stash Out...