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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, i'm doing pretty well. I have new song almost finished, i hit a new creative streak, i'm about to attempt my first all nighter of the summer, and i think i'm pretty happy at where i am.

I'll keep you all updated on the song process, expect to see the lyrics here when i'm done.

Night All
-Stash Out!

Monday, August 25, 2008

You Always Were So Cynical...

Yeah, i have nothing to say to you, so stop bothering me...and i'm pretty sure you probably read this out of some strange sense of curiosity and i know you'll have read this when you IM me all pissed off, but i'm not mentioning names and all i have to say is nothing, because that's all i feel you truly deserve.

And who the hell are you to tell me how to handle a relationship? Mind your own damn business.

Sorry for that post, i know i said i wasn't going to use this blog to be condescending and jerk-ish, but this was a special occasion.

Night All,
-Stash Out!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


me Ok, so i've had a creative-block for some time now, but miraculously as i was playing around with my guitar i stumbled upon a chord pattern that sounded nice and then the words came right out.

I only have a verse and some of the chorus spelled out, and its all subject to change, but i'll give you a sneak peek, just because:

1st verse

What did i come here for?
It would be easy
To ignore you
If i hadn't seen
Your face before
Now i'm picking my jaw
Up from the floor
When i see you
walk through that door

And i keep falling
And i keep calling
Out for you,
Hoping you need me too,
And i keep falling
And i keep calling
Out for you,
Hoping you feel the way i still do

Yup, that's it, you might recognize that jaw lyric from the post a few days ago, glad i finally found a place for it. I'm hoping to write the rest of this soon because i really like it.

Till next time
-Stash Out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bully Will Murder My Brain...

Yup, my creativeness died. I just failed twice at updating this thing with another rant. I don't know why, or how, it just happened...whoops. Then again, i did just play a video game for around oh....6 hours? Yeah, let's go with that.

This video game is Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Nintendo Wii. It was developed by Take Two and Rockstar Games, yes the very same infamous developers that brought you the ever so dangerous Grand Theft Auto Series! (gasp!) Yeah...too bad video games don't kill people, stupid people kill themselves and happen to be playing video games at the time or just so happen to die in some kind of game reference...so f***-off Hilary!

Ok...got that out. Anyway, thats exactly what this game is, a Teen-rated GTA. instead of a felon you're a sort of...high-school Robin Hood. You stand up to the Bullys and the Jocks and the Preppy kids for the little guys, all while adminstering your own brand of "justice"...and that i mean wedgies, stink bombs, and slingshots :-).

Yeah, the game is fun, takes a bit to get into the swing of it, but it's so fun. The combat system is a little...well...difficult. The controls are great, even for a Wii port, but if you are fighting more than 3 guys at a time by yourself, you are pretty much screwed. I really don't feel like explaining the whole game premise here, so go look it up at IGN or Gamespot or even Wiki if your bored.

-Jimmy Hopkins...er Stash...Out...

Thursday, August 21, 2008


They are the greatest band ever, go listen to them, now!

-Stash Out!

New Lyrics...Maybe?

hey hey, its 4 AM or atleast around that time. Like i said, i don't know why i write when i do, i just do, it just works...i dunno...

But, as many of you know i write lyrics...or atleast try :-p. And earlier today/tonight/this morning(?), i thought of a clever thing:

"Picking my jaw off the floor
When you come through the door."

Eh, it's nothing really fancy, but i don't usually go for fancy. Not sure if i'm going to use it yet, i'm actually in the middle of writing a song...and this is looking good for a bridge section. Oh well, this post was really pointless, and i'm going to bed.

-Stash Out

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Late Nights = Way Too Much Thinking

So its around 2:30 AM, and this just so happens to be when my mind is the most active. Believe or not, when i write, its usually around this time at night. Whether it be on here, or lyrics, or just jotting down ideas for a project i've been working on since 6th grade, the ideas just seem to flow better later at night. Now i'm not sure if i just become a clinical genius late at night or if its just the lack of sleep causing my brain to over-act as a way to yell at me "GO TO BED DUMBASS!" Either way it just tends to work.

But with most situations there are pros and cons to this "overnight genius." (teehee, liked what i did there? its a turn of phrase!) While sure, the creative things work better, other stuff i just want to forget about also tend to rear their ugly heads. Whether its a person or a place or a particularly creepy section of a book, (anyone who has read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, im talking about the part where he finds the cannibals in the basement) they must just think its hilarious to bug me while i'm sleep deprived. Well haha thoughts...haha, you are hilarious. (sarcasm...no really...it is...)

But anyway, (good song by the way, it's by Blues Traveler, look it up) the whole reason i'm writing this post is because i happen to be up late at night and i'm thinking to much about a past occurance/person to get to sleep. Of course, thank God, i'm not the only one who does this. (Infact theres a facebook group that was just started called "I Think Wayyy Too Much At Night" and yes the 3 y's are really there) So i stay up and i talk on AIM to my friends who also happen to be up late and thinking too much and than we think too much together and i'm sure if too many of us though too much all together at once, it would bring about the apocolypse...but so far we've been safe.

So now its around 2:45 AM, and i'm thinking of heading to bed and doing something with this excess thought goo floating around in my brainal-cavity...

Night all,
-Stash Out!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So as everyone knows (all thos who know me anyway) i love, not like, music. Listening to it, playing it (if i know how), and even watching it. And lately i've been listening to alot of random songs, mostly for nostalgic reasons. Certain ones remind me of a place, or a person, or a time that i miss or wish i could experience again. For example: A Decade Under The Influence by Taking Back Sunday always reminds me of a week spent in Upstate New York with my cousin, which is something that i wish i could go back to very much.

Music means something different to everyone, i mainly focus on the lyrical part of it, mainly because lyrics can make or break a song for me. If a song is catchy, thats good, but if its lyrics don't mean anything, whats the point? Unless its Weird Al or a random blink-182 song, i like my music to mean something. Most lyrics are about girls, or relationships, or heartbreak and this is easy to understand, seeing as how these are some of the most influential subjects out there. However, when someone can pull a random verse out of nowhere about something completely different than the usual subjects, i find myself thinking in awe "Why can't i write something like that?"

Lyrics are important, but without the music backing it, they're just poems. Which brings me to something else that bugs me: people who are completely ignorant of lyrics. Most songs nowadays have their meanings in their lyrics, and when someone writes a song, they want their message heard and its almost insulting when someone takes such a thing and takes it as something that isn't worth their attention. Sure, a catchy tune or a mellow ballad is always fun to see, but if you ignore the meaning to a song, whats to point of listening to it? It actually annoys me to no end when i ask someone what they think a song means and their answer is "I don't know, i just like the music." Don't sing something unless you either know what it means or know that it means something. Or just don't sing it around me.

Wow...that was a good rant...don't really know why i wrote it, just bored.
Seeya next time
-Stash Out


Yeah yeah, it's a blog, and i've badmouthed such things for as long as i can remember, but thats only because most blogs are full of self-righteous, condescending crap. I'm just doing this because im bored...no kind of purpose behind it.

Go ahead, call me a hypocrite, yell at me for contradicting myself...whatever...I'm just a 17 year-old kid with nothing better to do. So bite me. :-)

well...umm...that's it for now?

-Stash Out